Sustainable & Environmental Policy

Our priority is to improve our positive impact, whilst reducing the negative impacts on the environment & local communities. 

Trail Pursuit: Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Our aim as a responsible event organiser is to ensure we are working to maximise the ways in which our events make a positive impact, whilst reducing the negative impacts on the environment and local community.

We are proud to be one of the 70 Vision Festivals committed to reducing our carbon emissions. You can read up out the Vision Festival:2025 pledge here.

We also recognise the importance of collective action against climate change, so have joined the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, joining 247 other sports organisers in adhereing to a set of five principles.

To begin with, we have decided to concentrate our efforts towards four key sustainable actions:

1. Promoting Green Travel
2. Discouraging Single-Use Plastic
3. Encouraging Recycling
4. Protecting our Environment

Leave no trace

Greener Travel

A study by Ecolibrium revealed that up to 80% of a typical UK festival’s carbon footprint is from audience travel and transport.

· You can calculate your journey’s carbon emissions, and balance them with donations to renewable energy projects, using Ecolibrium’s carbon calculator.

· We encourage travelling via public transport and car-sharing with friends & family.

· Go Car Share is a great option to reduce the number of single-person cars travelling to the festival, by encouraging shared journeys

· We are committed to using sustainably and locally sourced materials, equipment and products, with the aim of reducing travel miles.

Green vibes only

Single-use plastic

Did you know that only 9% of plastic waste ever produced has been recycled, 12% has been incinerated, but 79% ends up in landfills, dumps, or the natural environment.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has seen a significant increase in the use of single-use plastics: a huge step back from prior collective efforts and legislations to reduce this. However, a recent study by The Sustainable Event Alliance has proven that reusables are just as safe to use as single-use items. For this reason, we remain committed to our journey on becoming a single-use free trail race & music festival brand.

· We have signed the Drastic on Plastic Pledge to substantiate our commitment to eradicating single-use plastic.

· We encourage all vendors and attendees to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the use of single-use plastic cups, cutlery, and other non-compostable serve ware.

· We supply water-points which you can re-fill your water bottles from.

· Our aid stations will be cup-less. Runners must carry their own bottles, hydration packs, or cups to be refilled at stations – as specified in our essential kit list (page 7). 


Waste & Recycling

Second to transport, waste is the most visible - and increasingly growing - concern when it comes to the environment. Festivals with camping facilities find that up to 80% of their total waste will come from the campsite.

· We are certified affiliates of ‘Leave No Trace’. Read more about the seven principles we abide by here.

· We split mixed recycling & general waste as much as possible. We aim to compost moving forward also.

· Medals are sourced from sustainable wooden materials, with local artisans and minimal transit.

· Recycled, eco festival wristbands will be given out.


Local Environment & Community

· Protecting the beautiful places we explore is our priority. As such, we implement a strict no littering policy at our trail race festivals.

· Any waste generated at the festival site and on the trails is removed by litter picks.

· We work closely with our traders and suppliers to source local produce and services to support the local economy.

Protect nature

What you can do

We’re doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and hope you will join us in our efforts. Here are a few tips to make your visit more environmentally friendly:

· Prioritise travelling by public transport, cycling, or even running, to reduce your carbon footprint. Plan your route here

· Car share with friends or find/share spare seats on GoCarShare

· Offset your travel emissions using Ecolibrium’s Travel Calculator

· Pack light – only bring what you truly need.

· Reduce plastic waste by bringing your own bottles, cups, and cutlery. Check out the Festival Goers Guide to Plastic Free Festivals and join us in supporting the 'Drastic on Plastic' initiative.

· Bin your butts. Every cigarette butt has to be picked up by hand, so please use the bins provided.

· Please try to separate all your recyclables from non-recyclable waste